Beautiful Bloggers @kaaatemclean and @FrankieFashion in Jack and BB Dakota!

(Photo credit: O My Heart)

The lovely Kate of O My Heart pairs the vibrant Coral Dress by Jack with stunning t-strap wedges, a gold chain bracelet, sunnies, and a citrus hued studded bag. The saturated colors of the Coral Dress pop in the bright summer sun, and Kate’s styling adds key accessories that accent her fantastic sense of style, and make her dress stand out among a sea of floral prints! This vivid floral dress would be a great complement to vivid fall foliage with some tall boots and a cozy cardigan. 

(Photo credit: Frankie Hearts Fashion)

The fabulous Nicole of Frankie Hearts Fashion pairs the Miriam Dress by BB Dakota with black statement accessories and glittering gold jewelry. Her black ankle boots, vest, bag, hat, and sunnies add delicious drama to the overall look, and she looks effortlessly cool even in the hot summer sunlight! This would be a great look to transition into fall with the addition of some tights and maybe a great leather jacket instead of the vest…so many possibilities.

Get the Miriam Dress in green here or in pink here!

Much love to these beautiful bloggers! Can’t get enough of your amazing style!

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